Re: CfC: new WD of Clipboard API and Events; deadline April 5

comments on a couple of timeless' comments.

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> On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 2:37 PM, Arthur Barstow <>  
> wrote:
>> If you have any comments or concerns about this proposal, please send  
>> them
>> to public-webapps by April 5 at the latest.
> Sorry, i've been doing other stuff....
> [editorial]
>> Mathematical information
>> With content such as mathematics, simply copying rendered text and  
>> pasting it into another application generally leads to most of the  
>> semantics being lost.
> I think "math" is more appropriate here.

Disagree. In explanatory text the more correct term is clearer. "math" is  
only american in usage, and avoiding the feeling that it is a typo would  
reduce congitive dissonance without being incorrect.

>> Calling clearData() empties the system clipboard, or removes the  
>> specified type of data from the clipboard. See HTML5 for details  
>> [HTML5].
> This has issues. If the user has inserted something the user cares
> about into the system clipboard, then allowing a web page to stomp on
> it is annoying.  Something needs to protect the user from such web
> apps.

Yes - should that comment be on HTML5 though, or alternatively is there a  
reason not to copy it?

>> The user might paste hidden data which the user is not aware of.
> ".. not aware of" is kinda messy. Also, perhaps "hidden data" already
> indicates the user doesn't know about it?

"not realising it is there"?

>> Remove all of the following elements: SCRIPT, APPLET, OBJECT, FORM,  
>> For all mentioned elements except FORM, also remove all child nodes.
> I can imagine doing magical things with a <style> tag...
> However, removing the active value from a select seems suboptimal.
> If you see:
> State: [ .... |v]
> And use it to get:
> State: [ Washington |v]
> When you copy it, do you expect:
> "State: " or "State: Washington"? I expect the latter, it's
> considerably more useful.


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