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> I just realised that I actually localise my own name in certain languages (most particularly to ensure that I get my preferred transliterations when I am publishing). But I cannot do that in config.xml. Likewise, I would like to localise the href for me which would be possible if I could localise the author element but isn't at the moment.

Many of my Chinese colleagues also have an "English name" as well as a Chinese name; the English name isn't a translation or transcription of the Chinese name, its often completely different.

I can also see the point of localized hrefs - again I have colleagues who may want to point to a Facebook profile page in English, and a RenRen one in Chinese.

I guess the workaround at present is to use the element to do something like

<author>王密 (Michelle Wang)</author>

... which is not completely ideal as you don't get different hrefs.

> I don't now if this is too late for the current version, in which case please log it as an issue for the future.
> Changing it to allow localisation would mean a change to the schema - and at least to Opera's implementation. I haven't yet checked (I only realised I want to do this but it isn't allowed today) whether we have any preference for making that change now or later.

I presume the change would be to make Author multiple with xml:lang. I think a risk is that developers might reasonably interpret this as meaning "one <author> element for each person" rather than "one <author> element per locale". 

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