Re: [WebSQL] Any future plans, or has IndexedDB replaced WebSQL?

On 4/4/2011 10:18 AM, Joran Greef wrote:
> How would you create an index on an existing object store in IndexedDB containing more than 50,000 objects on an iPad, without incurring any object deserialization/serialization overhead, without being an order of magnitude slower than SQLite, and without bringing the iPad to its knees? If you can do it with even one IndexedDB implementation out there then kudos and hats off to you. :)
You keep bringing this point up, but only a naive implementation of 
IndexedDB would bring a device to it's knees (or a poorly implemented 
thread scheduler, which I don't expect the iPad to have).  The API is 
asynchronous, which means it doesn't need to (nor should it) happen on 
any thread that the UI is being drawn on.

You still have a point about it possibly taking longer, but even then, 
that will be implementation dependent.



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