Re: Items not listed as "new" in the draft charter

Hi Maciej,

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 11:52 AM, Robin Berjon <> wrote:
> On Mar 23, 2010, at 10:50 , Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>>> WARP is a split from P+C, its ancestor is in the first draft.
>> Sounds fine to document it that way, since the precursor is not clear from backtracking through "previous version" links of WARP.
> Yeah, the absence of a link is a bug on my part, I'll fix that.
>>> The Widget URI scheme was initially intended for P+C (as can be seen from the TBD section in older drafts) but the content wasn't written up before it was branched.
>> That sounds like a new document to me. But either way, documenting its origin would be fine.
> I think the first trace of it is in After that, people started talking with the TAG I presume (I wasn't in the WG during that period).
>>> View modes  were also in the 2008 P+C draft, but either way they probably shouldn't be listed as a widget deliverable considering that they can be used in even broader contexts (as requested by the CSS WG).
>> Maybe it should be renamed to not include "Widgets" in the title, and not be identified as a Widgets deliverable. That would be fine by me.
> Yes, I believe that might be the plan.
>>> Essentially there is nothing new in widgets, the plan is simply to finish the existing ongoing work quickly.
>> There is at least the new "Widget Embedding" item in the charter (which is indicated as a new item).
> Actually, it's been considered before :)

And widgets have been clearly defined as being embeddable since the
"Working Draft 14 April 2008" [1]:

"Widgets are a class of client-side web application for displaying and
updating local or remote data, packaged in a way to allow a single
download and installation on a client machine or device. Widgets
typically run as stand alone applications outside of a web browser,
but it is possible to embed them into web pages."

I think I will extend this definition to make sure it's clear that
Widgets are a perfect solution for distributing other HTML5/SVG based
multimedia content, such as interactive books and audiovisual
experiences that people can keep locally, forever.

We would love Apple to participate more pro-actively in this work.  It
would be beneficial to everyone to have a royalty free general
packaging format for client-side web applications/multimedia content.

What do you think, Maciej? do you think Apple could support this work
and help us get this to Rec?


Marcos Caceres

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