Re: [IndexedDB] IDBRequest Interface Questions

On 3/22/2010 10:05 AM, Jeremy Orlow wrote:
>> I also can't seem to figure out what the success event is supposed to be
>> for just about anything.  Am I just missing something, or is this not yet
>> specified?
> When onsuccess fires, you can then start the next request.
Sorry, I guess I'm not being totally clear in what I'm asking.  In the 
Events [1] section, only IDBDatabaseError is specified.  I'm not sure 
what a success message should look like, and that's what I'm asking to 
be clarified.

> Do you have anything to say regarding a callback based API vs. event one
> that inherits from EventTarget?
By callback you mean passing a callback function into the API calls, 
correct?  Assuming that, I prefer the event based API, but I think the 
current spec could you some modifications to address some concerns that 
were brought up.

As I recall, the issue with the current event-based model is that you 
can only have one request in flight at a time.  I think we could solve 
this problem by having the asynchronous methods return an IDBRequest 
object instead of having a global one for a given context (not 
completely sure how to describe all the places where we have a request 
attribute but that is what I am talking about).  I'm not 100% sure yet 
if we'd need the request attribute on all of these things after doing 
this, or what it would be in each instance.



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