[IndexedDB] IDBRequest Interface Questions

Hey all,

I'm starting to work on a prototype of the IndexedDB spec to get a 
better understanding of it.  While working with the IDBRequest I think I 
understand why nobody likes the current event-based model.  I'm also 
seeing that as it is currently specified, it doesn't meet the 
requirements of the web developers we had talked to were looking for in 
an event based API (per the latest editors draft on March 16). 
Essentially, what they wanted was a way to add more than one listener 
for success or error, and it doesn't look like that is currently 
possible unless you roll your own callback that manages this (which they 
wanted to avoid doing).  As they described it, they wanted to be able to 
use something like addEventListener with the option of also just setting 
onsuccess and onerror (much like how XHR works).

I also can't seem to figure out what the success event is supposed to be 
for just about anything.  Am I just missing something, or is this not 
yet specified?



Received on Tuesday, 16 March 2010 21:26:57 UTC