[widgets] dir and span tests

I've created a bunch of tests for dir and span and would really 
appreciate if someone could review them for completeness. They test the 
most relevant elements affected by dir (span, widget, name, license, 


The tests are based on the HTML+CSS Internationalization Tests [1].
Please note that there is no reference graphics in the test suite; I 
intend to use the ones from [1] and a few that I will have to create by 
hand. The tests are also not documented at this point, but I will get to 
that too. Eventually, each of the tests will be put into a separate 
widget file.

To make life easier for testers, in some cases, I've combined elements 
together into a single test.

Kind regards,
[1] http://www.w3.org/International/tests/list-html-css#direction

Marcos Caceres
Opera Software

Received on Tuesday, 16 March 2010 18:35:28 UTC