Re: [widgets] dir and span elements

(Apologies, I'm re-replying to this email to make sure I've personally
covered all the issues raised)

On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 6:44 PM, Scott Wilson
<> wrote:
> Hi Marcos,
> I can live with this, with a few comments:
> 1. "dir" is now an (optional?) attribute of every element; however,

I've added the following to make it clear that dir is optional (under
the section Global Attributes).

"Authoring Guidelines: Although is optional for an author to use any
global attributes, their usage is recommended when appropriate (e.g.,
when declaring the language will help with legibility and when
directional information will assist the user agent render text

> previously its usage was limited to elements that contain human-readable
> text content: <author>, <license>, <description>, and <name>. Is there a
> reason for making it global in this manner? E.g. would it not make more
> sense to specify "dir" attributes on these four specific P&C elements? I
> don't see anyone putting "dir" on (e.g.) the height attribute, nor would we
> want to include a test for it for compliance with optional spec features.

The benefits of extensibility outweigh defining the attribute per
element, IMO. However, you are absolutely correct in saying that dir's
influence is not globally applied... this will be addressed

> 2. "span" should be allowed as a child element of the <license> element as
> well as for <name>, <description> and <author>.

I have made this clear now in the spec by including the following to
the definition of the element:
Context in which this element is used: As a child of the name, author,
license, description.
Occurrences: Zero or more
Expected children: Any.
Localizable via xml:lang: No.
Attributes: Globals.

Marcos Caceres

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