FW: OMTP BONDI 1.1 Approved Release

Dear all,


I'm pleased to be able to announce to you the latest release of BONDI -
1.1 Approved Release. The documentation can be found at [1] and release
notes are located at[2]. Those of you at Mobile World Congress at
Barcelona will have been able to see the wide arrange of devices and
platforms BONDI was being demonstrated on, of course also using W3C
specifications. A summary of 1.1 AR is provided below:



The BONDI 1.1 release define the composite specifications to allow web
applications (widget and web pages) to interoperate over BONDI defined
execution environment (widget runtime and web user agent). BONDI
technology enables web based content to access native device capability,
intermediated through a robust, but flexible security framework. There
are three elements to the 1.1 release


 - APIs: defines the JavaScript functions that expose the underlying
accessible device capability

 - Architecture and Security Specifications: defines the security layer
and required architectural components that insulate the web application
against risk

 - Compliance: define the compliance process that allows a widget
runtime or web user agent to declare compliance against the BONDI


 The BONDI 1.1 Approved Relase release differs from the 1.0 release in
the following important ways





- API features are now versioned to help with backward compatibility
issues and to future proof the design. This versioning also ensures
consistency with the APIs and the underlying security model. 

- Messaging module has been redesigned to absorb functionality
previously present in commlog.  This is based upon feedback from
developers and anticipates the introduction of the telephony API in
version 1.5.

- Device capabilities have been significantly simplified. Device
capabilities directly interact with the security model and also  impact
UI behavior and API design, based on the premise that APIs that issues
potential security prompts should be asynchronous. This simplification
is based upon implementation experience 

- Filtering pattern has been considerably improved and applied
consistently across all modules . This is intended to improve the
developer experience and to optimize the handling of larger data

- Camera API has been enhanced to  handle of the embedded and native
camera applications.

- Telephony module replaced commlog module and itself is a candidate for
update in BONDI 1.5

- PIM Modules: The access to the properties has been simplified by
accessing directly the interfaces attributes. The data model for
contacts, calendars and events has been also improved.

- The write capability has been removed from Device Status API.

- The following APIs have grouped all their security features in a
single one per API: DeviceStatus and Gallery.



Architecture and Security


- Four new features have been added to provide the ability to disable
specific widgets to defend better against the risk of malicious and
Trojan widgets. These new features allow the security policy to
intercept and apply appropriate rules at the point of widget
installation, un-installation, update and instantiation.

  - http://bondi.omtp.org/lifecyle/widget-install 

  - http://bondi.omtp.org/lifecyle/widget-instantiate

  - http://bondi.omtp.org/lifecyle/widget-update 

  - http://bondi.omtp.org/lifecyle/widget-uninstall 


- Revision to the requirements relating to user prompts, to be more
compatible with non-modal (ie non-blocking) prompts.

- Addition of the bondi.getFeatures() API, to allow application code to
be notified of the availability of Features within the current context.

- Addition of the PendingOperation.wait() API, to allow application or
framework code to wait for the completion of an asynchronous operation.






Compliance Process

- What BONDI Compliance is not? section - added

- Submission section - added

- What is BONDI compliance section - updated 

- Links and references in line with 1.1AR release - updated

- Submission email address - added


Compliance Matrix

- Updated in line with 1.1AR changes (requirements and links: test etc.)

- Summary sheet and class support entry - included

- Auto-populate based on classes - supported

- Logic and usability - improved


Compliance Coverage Status

- a new document has been added which gives a precise snapshot
indicating which parts of BONDI functionaltiy are supported by objective
repeatable Javascript tests

- this is work in progress and will continue to evolve



Marcin Hanclik or Daniel Coloma will be able to provide links to
detailed comparisons between the 1.01AR specifications and 1.1AR if


Many thanks to all those from W3C who provided feedback during the
Candidate Release phase. OMTP is now working on BONDI 1.5, please
contact me if you would like any more information.







[1] http://bondi.omtp.org/1.1/ 

[2] http://bondi.omtp.org/1.1/BONDI%201.1%20Release%20Notes.txt 



David Rogers
OMTP Director of External Relations 

Received on Wednesday, 24 February 2010 10:39:07 UTC