[XHR] status

We somehow have to deal with the issues described in this email:


I'm not sure how to deal with those myself so advice would be welcome, as  
mentioned in that email.

As far as I can tell that is the only technical issue that is currently  
outstanding with this draft.

There are several non-technical issues we need to make decisions over at  
some point (non-technical being everything that does not affect  
conformance). Namely one regarding the security considerations thread and  
one regarding having a reference to HTML5. My position on both is  
hopefully clear from the respective threads, but to close them down I  
think we need to have a Working Group decision on the matter and allow  
people to raise Formal Objections if they so desire.

I'm waiting with the disposition of comments until all technical issues  
are resolved.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Tuesday, 16 February 2010 15:39:20 UTC