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On Wed, 03 Feb 2010 23:40:23 +0100, John Gregg <> wrote:
> Yes, this makes sense; I am changing the draft spec to have a
> permissionLevel attribute.  I think having access to the permission  
> level is important for the same reasons as Drew gave: the site should  
> know whether to display permissions UI in advance of having a  
> notification to show.

The design Hixie once made for notifications was much nicer I thought.  
Initially you would get tab-scoped in-browser notifications but the user  
could opt-in (maybe when the first of such notifications was shown) into  
system-wide notifications. The application would not have to know either  
way and the user is not forced to click through permission dialog in order  
to see something.

It's still available in one of the older copies of HTML5:

(The comparison with from Drew made sense to me by the way,  
though whether the same is applicable to icons I'm less sure of.)

Anne van Kesteren

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