Re: [widgets] Null in P&C

Thomas Roessler wrote:
> Is that a P&C specific concern or one that should better be covered in WebIDL?

It's a P&C concern, not related to WebIDL. I think WebIDL kinda assumes 
a layer of abstraction over ECMAScript - this is not the case with P&C 
which knows nothing about scripting languages, and should not have made 
any assumptions about what language it would be implemented in (again, 
my mistake was that I was writing a reference implementation in Java 
while I was spec'ing P&C, so it all made sense at the time:)). The 
problem is that the spec algorithms are written in pseudo code in a 
manner that tries to be generic... but fails a bit because it uses 
concrete concepts from ECMAScript/Java where it shouldn't. In most 
cases, it's ok, but as shown with null, it can lead to ambiguities.

Received on Tuesday, 2 February 2010 12:46:28 UTC