Re: Seeking pre-LCWD comments for Indexed Database API; deadline February 2

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A few comments I've been meaning to suggest:

* count on KeyRange - Previously I had asked if there would be a way
to get a count of the number of objects within a given key range. The
addition of the KeyRange interface seems to be a step towards that,
but the cursor generated with a KeyRange still only provides a "count"
property that returns "the total number of objects that share the
current key". There is still no way to determine how many objects are
within a range. Was the intent to make "count" return the number of
objects in a KeyRange and the wording is just not up to date?
Otherwise could we add such a count property (countForRange maybe, or
have a count and countForKey, I think Pablo suggested something like

* Use promises for async interfaces - In server side JavaScript, most
projects are moving towards using promises for asynchronous interfaces
instead of trying to define the specific callback parameters for each
interface. I believe the advantages of using promises over callbacks
are pretty well understood in terms of decoupling async semantics from
interface definitions, and improving encapsulation of concerns. For
the indexed database API this would mean that sync and async
interfaces could essentially look the same except sync would return
completed values and async would return promises. I realize that
defining a promise interface would have implications beyond the
indexed database API, as the goal of promises is to provide a
consistent interface for asynchronous interaction across components,
but perhaps this would be a good time for the W3C to define such an
API. It seems like the indexed database API would be a perfect
interface to leverage promises. If you are interested in proposal,
there is one from CommonJS here [1] (the get() and call() wouldn't
apply here). With this interface, a promise.then(callback,
errorHandler) function is the only function a promise would need to


and a comment on this:
On 1/26/2010 1:47 PM, Pablo Castro wrote:
> 11. API Names
> a.       "transaction" is really non-intuitive (particularly given
> the existence of currentTransaction in the same class).
> "beginTransaction" would capture semantics more accurately. b.
> ObjectStoreSync.delete: delete is a Javascript keyword, can we use
> "remove" instead?
I'd prefer to keep both of these as is. Since commit and abort are
part of the transaction interface, using transaction() to denote the
transaction creator seems brief and appropriate. As far as
ObjectStoreSync.delete, most JS engines have or should be contextually
reserving "delete". I certainly prefer delete in preserving the
familiarity of REST terminology.


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