Re: Steps to creating a browser standard for the moz-icon:// scheme

Pierre-Antoine LaFayette wrote:
> Yes, I wish to expose the platform and possibly Browser theme specific icons
> to web content with the Icon URI scheme.  The idea is to allow the Icon URI
> scheme to be used anywhere an image is specifiable by a data URI in HTML and
> JavaScript. This will allow web content to emulate the look and feel of the
> native Operating System and of the Browser itself in the case of themed
> icons. I believe this will benefit both content creators and consumers.

Could you elaborate on the use cases for these icons?  What sort of web 
applications would really benefit from emulating the native look and 
feel of the user's OS, and in particular, what sort of functionality 
would these icons be used to represent?

My concern is that application developers will find it difficult for 
their app's own custom theme to visually integrate well with system 
specific icons.  It seems much more likely that developers would want to 
have all icons used to be designed with a common style.

Lachlan Hunt - Opera Software

Received on Wednesday, 27 January 2010 11:06:20 UTC