Interface names in IndexedDB (and WebSQLDatabase)

The interface names in IndexedDB (and to an extent, WebSQLDatabase) are very
generic.  Surprisingly, the specs only collide via the "Database" interface
(which is why I bring this up), but I'm concerned that names like Cursor,
Transaction, and Index (from IndexedDB) are so generic that they're bound to
conflict with other specs down the road.

Note that all but 5 interfaces in the WebSQLDatabase spec are prefixed with
SQL (for example, SQLTransaction) which helps a lot.  It seems as though the
remaining could also be prefixed by SQL to solve the problem.

I'm wondering if the majority of the IndexedDB interfaces should also have
some prefix (like IDB?) as well since many of its terms are quite generic.


Received on Friday, 22 January 2010 08:05:46 UTC