Re: [selectors-api] comments on Selectors API Level 2

On 1/21/10 11:11 AM, Bert Bos wrote:
> Here are some examples of relations that always hold. (Assume e is an
> element != NULL.)
>      e.querySelector("*") == e.querySelector(":root")

Not unless we've recently redefined :root.  Can you point me to the 
place where that happened?

>      e.querySelector("*") == e

Nope.  querySelector on an element can only return descendants of the 
element.  In fact, e.querySelector("*") will return the element's first 
element child, if any.

>      e.querySelector(":root + *") == NULL
>      e.querySelector(":root:first-child") == NULL

Agreed, because as currently defined :root will not match anything in 
the subtree rooted at |e|, ever.

>      e.querySelector("* *") == e.querySelector(":root>  :first-child")
>      e.querySelector(":odd") == e.querySelector(":root>  :first-child")

Again, not as :root is currently defined.


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