Re: Adopting postMessage and MessageChannel from HTML5?

Hixie, All,

On Jan 9, 2010, at 3:00 AM, ext Ian Hickson wrote:

> Would this working group be interested in adopting the  
> Window.postMessage
> and MessageChannel/MessagePort features from HTML5? It was recently  
> split
> from the main HTML5 spec into a subspec, but some people have  
> suggested it
> might be best in the webapps group. I'd be happy to continue  
> editing it,
> it would just mean a change in the headers, as with Web Storage,  
> etc (and
> would similarly remain in the WHATWG "complete" spec).

Why is this functionality being removed from HTML5?

I would also like to understand: the status of the specification  
maturity, in particular, its closeness to being ready for LCWD; and  
the spec's implementation status.

Additionally, I don't see a direct connection to any of WebApps'  
current deliverables although I'm not familiar with this functionality:

Is the HTML WG not interested in owning this new "subspec"?

-Art Barstow

Received on Saturday, 9 January 2010 14:30:40 UTC