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On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 1:26 PM, Cyril Concolato
<> wrote:
> Given that, I have the following questions/remarks:
> - Why do you define control characters, can't you put their code points in
> "forbidden characters"? This would simplify the spec and make it more easy
> to understand.

Agreed; done.

> - Could you rename "forbidden characters" to "ZIP forbidden characters"?
> This would clearly indicate in which area they are forbidden and why they
> are defined.

Agreed; done.

> - Why do the definition of P&C "space characters" and "Unicode white space
> charactes" differ from the XML "white space" definition?

As Robin explained, we expect authors to use Unicode as content.

> For "Unicode white space characters", I could understand this difference
> since it's only used in the "Rule for Getting Text Content with Normalized
> White Space" which first applies XML parsing, DOM3 textContent behavior and
> then applies additional P&C-defined behavior. But still, I'm wondering: is
> this difference really needed? If yes, can you add a note explaining the
> rationale and difference with the basic XML processing.
> For "space characters", why did you add U+000B and U+000C?
> - Ignoring U+000B and U+000C, the "Rule for Getting a Single Attribute
> Value" seems to me to be already defined in XML as "Attribute-Value
> Normalization"( I could understand
> that you want a self-contained spec but you should at least indicate that
> the behavior is the same as the basic XML processing.

Ok, seems I also need to do a little XML archeology too to write such a note.

Marcos Caceres

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