Re: [IndexedDB] Callback order

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 7:01 PM, Jeremy Orlow <> wrote:
> I think determinism is most important for the reasons you cited.  I think
> advanced, performance concerned apps could deal with either semantics you
> mentioned, so the key would be to pick whatever is best for the normal case.
>  I'm leaning towards thinking firing in order is the best way to go because
> it's the most intuitive/easiest to understand, but I don't feel strongly
> about anything other than being deterministic.

I definitely agree that firing in request order is the simplest, both
from an implementation and usage point of view. However my concern is
that we'd lose most of the performance benefits that cursors provide
if we use that solution.

What do you mean with "apps could deal with either semantics"? You
mean that they could deal with the cursor case by simply being slower,
or do you mean that they could work around the performance hit

/ Jonas

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