[XHR2] Event Handler Attributes - onredirect

As it states in section '3.1 Origin and Base URL' objects created with
an association other than the window object are out of scope for the
document.  To add a way to control this usage and not hinder the
functionality of possible implementations would it be beneficial to
add an 'onredirect' to the list of 'Event Handler Attributes'?  This
would allow the users of the request object, regardless of its
associated origin, control if privilege is available.  Those that have
the limitation of origin within the window object would only receive
the signal as part of the current functionality of the request, while
those with other object origin with possible greater privilege (ex:
Firefox chrome privilege) would be able to handle the redirect as they

James Feister

Received on Saturday, 5 June 2010 20:06:12 UTC