Automatic translation/validation of WebIDL documents

Dear Doug, all,

i am participating the W3C Media Annotations Working Group [1] and co- 
edit the API for Resource 1.0 document [2]. Since we are going to LC  
soon, we want to initiate implementing the API specified. The main  
intention is, that we translate the WebIDL specification of the API  
automatically by the use of a WebIDL parser. Yet, we have identified  
the "esidl" parser [3], which is able to perform the transformation of  
WebIDL descriptions into method stubs (e.g., C++ or Java). We tried to  
translate our API, but translation errors occurd (e.g., because of  
array definitions). I found a mailing list entry about a discussion  
[4] regarding WebIDL and Arrays - maybe the translation error is  
somehow linked with this problem?

My overall question is, if you have any experience with WebIDL parser,  
or perhaps could point me to a project, which is most up-to-date to  
the current version of the WebIDL specification? I have also tried to  
validate our API spec using the validator of [5], but i am not quiet  
sure if this validator is able to handle the array definitions. Do you  
know also a validator, to make sure if our spec is correct?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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