Web IDL and arrays


I am Tim Renouf, the author of widlproc
a utility to parse Web IDL,
together with a subset of doxygen-like comment syntax used by OMTP BONDI
to specify its APIs.

Dom has tried it out on the Web IDL fragments in the Web IDL spec
itself, and got these errors:

Some of these are errors in the way that widlproc handles floating point
constants and the exception syntax. I have since fixed these.

But a couple are due to widlproc not accepting the array syntax:

    readonly attribute unsigned short[] numbers;

The problem is that the spec draft I am working with (30 September
editor's draft) does not have any grammar for array syntax, so I can't
see how it is intended to be parsed, and whether you can have array or
array, or array of sequence, or sequence of array, or array of null, etc

More fundamentally, I am not sure whether the omission of the grammar
for the array syntax is because arrays are in the process of being added
to the spec, or because they are in the process of being removed from
the spec.

Can anyone here help please ?



Received on Saturday, 31 October 2009 14:54:00 UTC