Re: JS crypto?

Vivek Khurana wrote:
> On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 10:24 PM, Marcin Hanclik
> <> wrote:
>> Hi Nathan,
>> This seems to be the current related standardization effort:
>> =
>  I think the OP request is much larger than this. Bondi is restricted
> to widgets and mobile browsers, while having crypto support built into
> the browser has several advantages for web applications in general.
>  If we plan to take this up, I can provide couple of use cases to support this.
> regards
> Vivek

snap, there were a few good use-cases in the original mail, but I could 
produce many more.

what's needed (or what I can see people making use of ever increasingly) 
is two levels:

1: UA support for crypto functions, specifically 
openssl_open/seal/hash/verify and generating key pairs

2: the same exposed to javascript


ps: I don't know what use I could be other than adopting immediately and 
testing very heavily.



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