Re: Client side JavaScript i18n API

 we've updated the API proposal (at

We've covered most of the comments related to other APIs, including CommonJS.

Could you take another look? (you can leave comments in the document
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  Nebojsa Ciric

On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 8:46 AM, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
> Hi, Robin-
> Robin Berjon wrote (on 4/27/10 12:21 PM):
>> On Apr 27, 2010, at 18:13 , Phillips, Addison wrote:
>>> A project to implement this could go quite fast, I think, but would
>>> require agreement by the major browser vendors and a place to do
>>> the work. We could do this at W3C, but I think ECMA should be
>>> involved from early on.
>> In general a good place for discussion that involves W3C/TC39
>> coordination is It doesn't have an
>> attached group and therefore cannot publish specifications, but
>> that's a sausage-making detail that can be handled orthogonally (we
>> just need to find a WG that can justify having this in its charter).
> Actually, public-script-coord is associated with the WebApps WG, and was
> formed to coordinate between TC39 and the WebApps WG, specifically on Web
> IDL issues, but also on other matters of coordination.
> If we do decide to bring this i18n work to W3C (which I think would be a
> good idea, though not by necessity in the WebApps WG), we could reuse
> public-script-coord, or we could make a new dedicated list.  I think the
> latter makes more sense, since the i18n folks wouldn't have to drink from
> the public-script-coord hose.
> Regards-
> -Doug Schepers
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Nebojša Ćirić

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