Re: XMLHttpRequest.responseBlob

On Thu, 29 Apr 2010, Jonas Sicking wrote:
> >
> > It doesn't, hence why I think we should be consistent and call them 
> > all "URL". My point is that while I can understand that we can't 
> > change Document.URL, if we decide that consistency with something else 
> > is more important for one API, e.g. "File.url", then we really have no 
> > excuse for being inconsistent with new APIs as well.
> Again, I think this is a very weird definition of "consistent". I think 
> it's more consistent to follow the hundreds of other properties which 
> use camelCase, than the one that is upper case. Despite the fact that 
> the one uppercase one has the same name.

So you're arguing that it should be .uRL? That's what camelCase would give 
us here. It's closer to .URL than .url, though.

> So I think we should go with what's most memorable and most
> consistent, which I argue is using lower case.

I agree except for I would concluded that that is uppercase in this case. 
Acronyms in the platform are more often uppercase than lowercase (e.g. 
.innerHTML, .outerHTML, .responseXML, .URL, etc).

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