Re: [WARP] comment on subdomains

Hi Yves,

On Mar 29, 2010, at 16:25 , Yves Lafon wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Mar 2010, Dominique Hazael-Massieux wrote:
>> Sounds good to me, although I think I would also rephrase somewhat the
>> algorithm,  la:
>> * the URI's scheme component is the same as scheme; and
>> * if subdomains is false or if the URI's host component is not a domain
>> name (as defined in RFC1034), the URI's host component is the same as
>> host; or
>> * if subdomains is true, the URI's host component is either the same as
>> host, or is a subdomain of host (as defined in RFC1034); and
>> * ...
> I didn't check if the clarifications of RFC1034 added by RFC2181 applies to your case, but it is worth checking.
> (Cf: [1] and [2]).

Thanks for the heads-up. I looked through RFC 2181 and I haven't seen anything concerning us that clarifies 1034.


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