Re: [UMP] Request for Last Call

On Apr 8, 2010, at 6:42 AM, Tyler Close wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 5:08 AM, Arthur Barstow  
> <> wrote:
>> Re the relationship between CORS and UMP, I believe the last thread  
>> on that
>> subject was the following exchange between Mark and Maceij on  
>> February 3:
>> (Neither Mark nor Tyler responded to Maciej's e-mail above.)
>> We also have the Comparison of CORS and UMP document:
>> If we are going to continue with two separate specs, I think it is  
>> important
>> re expectations from Members and the Public, for there to be  
>> consensus on
>> the relationship(s) between the two models e.g. why do we have two  
>> models,
>> where do the models intersect, what use cases can only be met with  
>> one of
>> the models, why they can't these two models be merged into a single  
>> model,
>> etc.
> I believe the consensus is that UMP is a subset of CORS.

I don't know if there is consensus on that, or necessarily even  
consensus on what "a subset" means.

I proposed several possible subset relationships in the email that Art  
cited above. The thread died at that point, so I don't know if we have  
consensus that those are the relevant subset relations. I would  
appreciate a reply from you or Mark, and also from Anne, on whether  
those are appropriate subset relations.

Assuming that my proposed subset relations are agreed upon, I believe  
at least one of them still does not hold with the current UMP and CORS  
drafts, my relation (A).


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