Re: Touch and gestures events

On 10/19/09 8:56 PM, João Eiras wrote:
 > to manipulate the objects you have on your device/OS.
> Pan is scrolling for which browsers already fire events. The behavior
> for the scroll event would need to change though, so it would be fired
> before the event, and be cancelable.
Well, scroll event indicates that something has been scrolled. So we 
shouldn't change its behavior.
Pan is closer to wheel events.

> Scale is the zooming feature which is also supported in many desktop
> browsers and mobile browsers, but lacks events.
> Rotation of the entire viewport is a UI feature, like when you tilt the
> device.
> These are all UI events, like focus and blur, and none of them are tied
> to gestures or mouse events.
But web page should be able to capture "zoom" etc.
For example Google maps might want to use it, if zooming happens above 
the map. So it is in a way related to mouse or whatever pointer.

> Therefore they should be completely
> separate from any kind of mouse event feature. Obviously, the scroll and
> zoom events would need a target which would be the element with focus,
Why the element with focus? Why not the element under cursor or 
something? (Similar to mouse wheel, which can be used to zoom, at least 
in Firefox)


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