Re: Widgets PAG seeks feedback on Widget Updates spec

On 7/6/09 3:35 PM, Robin Berjon wrote:
> Hey Marcos,
> On Jun 30, 2009, at 11:24 , Marcos Caceres wrote:
>> The purpose of widget.update() is/was _not_ to "update" the widget in
>> any meaningful way:
>> (...)
>> In other words, it was/is a means to for a widget to ask the Widget
>> User Agent if an update is available from the remote location
>> addressed by the update element's href attribute (so, really it should
>> have been called "checkForUpdate()" or "updateInfo = new
>> UpdateChecker()", which the example begins to elude to). As it says in
>> the spec, "_actually performing the update is left to the discretion
>> of the widget user agent._"
> Thanks for the clarification. This however does not strike me as
> something that is vitally useful.

What's "this"?

> Is there really a strong use case
> backing this? I'd much rather see updates entirely handled by the UA
> (with or without the sulphurous smell coming from Apple when one
> mentions this topic) as they are generally in a better position to
> handle this correctly (from within the UA context we'd have to handle
> the fact that it might clash with <access>, that the response isn't
> boolean, etc. and people would likely get that wrong, were they to use
> this feature).

Sorry Robin, you've totally lost me :( Can we start from the beginning 

Kind regards,

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