Re: ISSUE-80: Runtime localization model for widgets [Widgets]

2009/2/6 Priestley, Mark, VF-Group <>:
> Having discussed this internally and gone through some examples we agree with the issue identified by Josh. In addition, concerns were raised that even without the prospect of authors forking html to create localised content - which we agree is highly undesirable, debugging localised widgets could become more cumbersome, i.e. a case of checking all relative paths to see if they started with a "/" or not.  A simple override behaviour is easier to understand, and, in our opinion, debug.

Agreed. It will make life easier for everyone.

> We therefore support specifying the kind of behaviour outlined by Josh, i.e. first check the base folder for the file, if no match is found and if the base folder isn't the root, checking there using the same filename. My follow up question is that if this behaviour is specified then can't we also get rid of the behaviour relating to the leading "/" for relative paths in widgets? Maybe this is already implicit in Josh's proposal? This would also seem to partly address Jon's concerns below.

Again, I'm strongly against fiddling with URI semantics or devising
our own path scheme. Paths should stay as they are: a forward slash
means an absolute path; no slash means a relative path. Whatever
solution we settle on must work within those constraints.

Kind regards,
Marcos Caceres

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