Re: ISSUE-80: Runtime localization model for widgets [Widgets]

2009/2/5 Jon Ferraiolo <>:
> I am all in favor of *not* having to replicate many files in the widget distribution just so you can create localized versions of a single image.
> One more thing I'll add. One of the URL techniques in the Widgets spec, using "/" as the first character in a relative address, works OK in widget workflows where the content is always wrapped in a ZIP, but in various Web Widget workflows, the widget contents are often exploded into a file system where the root of the widget is not the root of the file system or the root of the Web site. In those scenarios, you can't use "/" as the first character in a relative address, which means the entire set of files would have to be duplicated for each locale. Hardly ideal.

A slash a the front always indicates an absolute path. We are not
changing the semantics of URIs.

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