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widgets feedback

From: timeless <timeless@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 16:27:54 +0300
Message-ID: <26b395e60906180627t3713bb75reda02757f7538903@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-webapps <public-webapps@w3.org>
Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 11:42 AM

8:42 AM me: A conformance checker (CC) is a user agent that verifies
if a widget package and a configuration document conform to this
  if => whether
56 minutes
9:38 AM me: <li>when the <a class="no-toc no-num"
href="#rule-for-verifying-a-file-entry0">rule for Verifying a File
Entry</a><span></span> is applied to the file, it returns
  the empty span is probably a bug
9:39 AM 6.3 Reserved File and Folder Names
  Reserved File Names
  you need to change 'xml' to '.xml' and similar
9:40 AM The [Widgets-DigSig] specification also defines the naming
conventions for a distributor signature and the naming convention for
an author signature.
  i think you want 'for distributor signatures' and 'for author
signatures' (plural for both)
19 minutes
10:00 AM me: via a an access control policy.
  drop "a"
10:02 AM Marcos: end user should not be defined, me thinks
 me: fine by me
10:03 AM Marcos: I'm too nice to people like Benoit who want things
like that defined but are not actually useful in the spec
10:06 AM Re: "said -> mentioned?" I like "said" as it implies that a
thing will be mentioned when the term is used. However, if you think
it causes confusion, I will change it or clarify it
10:07 AM used mentioned
10:09 AM me: given?
  "a said" just sounds really odd
  a google search for "a said" fails
  the hits are all for people :)
10:14 AM Marcos: all fixed now :)
10:15 AM fixed for both supported and unsupported. No other instances found.
10:19 AM me: so, i'm not a fan of "out of scope of" (very few google
hits), i prefer "beyond the scope of" (millions of hits)
10:20 AM Marcos: nice
10:21 AM me: The start file of a widget package is a file that is used
by the user agent when the widget is instantiated.
  kinda useless statement
  you use the configuration file when the widget is instantiated too
10:22 AM you kinda want to somehow explain that it's more than a file
that's used. although w/o limiting things to DOM style :)
10:25 AM does Default Start File actually specify the order in which
one is found
  and if so, does it define a name for the thing that's found?
  When a start file is not explicitly declared via the content
element, then start file will be one of the default start files.
10:26 AM it'd be better if you could just reference the
algorithmically determined start file instead of hand waving at a list
31 minutes
10:58 AM me: might not be supported on all user agents.
  on => by
  then Make sure that the widget is labeled with an
  why is Make capitalized?
 Marcos: no reason
11:00 AM me: you use case-sensitively 5 times and as case-sensitive 4 times
  i don't like the latter :)
  "as case-sensitive" => "case-sensitively"
11:01 AM Marcos: sorry, distracted with our big product launch
11:02 AM me: yeah, sorry, i don't care ;-), but i don't need realtime
responses :)
17 minutes
11:19 AM me: <feature name="http://example.com/camera">

<param name="autofocus" value="true"/>
  random blank line between those two?
  width = "200"
viewmodes = "application fullscreen">
11:20 AM most things line up in this tag's attribute list, except viewmodes
  <preference name ="apikey"
11:21 AM this tag doesn't get spaces after =,... if you're trying to
demo lots of different styles, ok, but please note that somewhere,
otherwise, ick :)
  Be sure to declare the widget namespace as part of the widget
element. If the namespace is absent, then Zip archive will be treated
as an invalid Zip archive.
11:22 AM it's odd to mark a zip file as invalid because of an error in
the widget
  shouldn't the widget be invalid instead
11:24 AM Some general rule
  rules (plural)
11:28 AM Keyword list attribute
  oh fun, "this,is,forbidden"
11:30 AM do we need to say that ".", "..", "...", .... are interesting?
11:33 AM either by default as part of the [XML] specification (as is
the case with xml:lang) or if the user agent implements the optional
[ITS] specification.
  i don't think "either .. if" is a well accepted concept :)
11:34 AM drop "either" (it only fits "either .. or")
5 minutes
11:40 AM me: Avoid subtags from the IANA Language Subtag Registry
marked as deprecated, grandfathered, or redundant. The intended
purpose of the xml:lang attribute is to declare the primary language
of an element, its attributes, and its descendent nodes.
  shouldn't CC's complain about them too?
11:42 AM A valid URI that denotes an identifier for the widget. It is
optional for authors to use this attribute.
  why mention 'authors'?
  does anyone else write this file? :)
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