heads-up: /2006/webapi/Binding4DOM moved to /2006/webapi/WebIDL

I just now moved the /2006/webapi/Binding4DOM directory on the
dev.w3.org CVS server to /2006/webapi/WebIDL.


So you might get some warnings or other unexpected cvs client
behavior if/when you got update your /2006/webapi working
directory. To prevent that, you might want to just check in any
pending changes you have in your local working directory, then
move your existing webapi directory to webapi-old (or something),
then check out a fresh copy of the whole directory. That is:

  cd 2006
  cvs commit webapi
  mv webapi webapi-old
  cvs update -dP webapi

If you do run into any cvs client problems that you can't figure
out, please let me know right away.


Michael(tm) Smith

Received on Monday, 30 June 2008 05:46:06 UTC