Re: ISSUE-23 (Key Indentifier Case): Should Key Identifiers prioritize uppercase characters [DOM3 Events]

Cameron McCormack wrote:
>> At best you might be able to determine what keystrokes are used (maybe  
>> not always) and what characters are ultimately generated, although  
>> characters generated may not be in the same order as keystrokes that  
>> generate those characters.
> I think for these key identifier strings we shouldn’t be worrying about
> what character input is then generated and passed to the application,
> since that’s the job of TextEvent.
I guess I'm not following this.

So you're just looking at the scan codes then of the keys being pressed?

if i press the q/Q key are you looking at a particular physical key key 
on the keyboard? i.e. ultimately at the scan codes or virtual key codes?

or are you looking at a higher level?

i.e. the q/Q key on a QWERTY keyboard is a different physical key than 
the q|Q key on a AZERTY keyboard.

So are you using a positional approach using the virtual keys or scan 
codes of the physical keyboard, or are you interpreting the keystroke at 
a higher level so that key interpretation is mnemonic, i.e. does it 
matter which key is typed? or is it the q-key independent of the 
physical position of the q|Q key on the keyboard?


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