Re: Worker Threads and Site Security Policy | Two Possible New Items for Standardization

On Jun 25, 2008, at 3:12 PM, Jonas Sicking wrote:

> Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>> On Jun 25, 2008, at 1:09 PM, Arun Ranganathan wrote:
>>> Doug Schepers, Charles McCathieNevile (Chairs), Members of the WG,
>>> On behalf of Mozilla, I'd like to introduce the possibility of two  
>>> new work items for this group to consider.  Neither of these is  
>>> presented as a fait accompli, although we would like to consider  
>>> both of these for inclusion in Firefox 3.Next if that is possible.
>>> 1. Worker Threads in Script.  The idea is to offer developers the  
>>> ability to spawn threads from within web content, as well as cross- 
>>> thread communication mechanisms such as postMessage.  Mozilla  
>>> presents preliminary thought on the subject [1], and notes similar  
>>> straw persons proposed by WHATWG [2] and by Google Gears [3].   
>>> Also for reference see worker threads in C# [4].  The Web Apps  
>>> working group seems like a logical home for this work.  Will other  
>>> members of the WG engage with Mozilla on this, via additional work  
>>> items covered by the charter of this WG?
>> Apple is interested in a worker API. The key issues for workers, in  
>> my opinion, are security, messaging, and which of the normal APIs  
>> are available. Right now, these things are covered in HTML5, so I  
>> think that may be a better place to add a Worker API.
>> We would certainly like to coordinate our work in this area with  
>> the proposed APIs cited.
> I'd really rather not add more stuff to HTML5, it's too big as it  
> is. Ideally worker threads is something that we can nail down in a  
> pretty short period of time, before HTML5 is out (targeted a few  
> years into the future iirc).
> Like you say, some features from HTML5 should be exposed in the  
> context of worker threads. I don't really know how to handle that,  
> but I can see two ways:
> 1. Make a informative note stating a list of features that we expect  
> will be made available once there is a finished spec for them, but  
> leave it up to the HTML5 spec to actually explicitly make this  
> requirement.
> 2. Have a normative requirement that implementations that also  
> support feature X from HTML5, makes that implementation available to  
> the worker thread as well.

I am ok with the spec either being in HTML5 or standalone, but we have  
to realize that if it is a separate spec, it will have dependencies on  
HTML5. For XMLHttpRequest this has turned out to be controversial, so  
we should make this clear up front.


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