Agenda and logistics...

Hi folks,

the agenda and logistics page for the meeting will be shortly available to  
working group members (Sunava, can you please ask your AC rep to ensure  
that you guys have joined by the time we have the meeting?).

I have one question - although I am the chair, and the co-chair is not  
going to be available for this meeting, I am unable to be there for the  
first morning since I will be taking a horror flight from Boston and  
arriving at SEA-TAC just after 10am inshallah.

I am equally happy to have someone else chair the meeting in my absence  
(that's something we expect Staff contacts to be able to do...) or to  
postpone the start until lunchtime, depending on how people feel.

The agenda for the meeting is pretty basic, covering XHR1 and XHR2 with  
Access Control, and the issues raised in MS' review of XHR2.

Hopefully Mike will manage the right W3C mojo soon and announce the page  
with the information.



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Received on Monday, 23 June 2008 18:24:39 UTC