Re: IRC logging

Hi Anne,

this raises a couple of issues - the obvious one being how we deal with  
meetings which include information that is member-only, and also whether  
the logger has some facility for saying something that doesn't go into the  
record, as the W3C log bots do.

Hopefully we will clear this up in the next couple of days - the chairs  
have been discussing this and agree that we want it to happen, but want to  
sort the issues. I'll follow up in private - with luck we can resolve this  
all by Monday, but please ask Krijn not to run a logger until we have  
sorted this out.



On Wed, 18 Jun 2008 12:27:55 +0300, Anne van Kesteren <>  

> Hi,
> Krijn Hoetmer volunteered for logging our IRC channel (#webapps on  
> similarly to how he logs for the HTML WG, CSS WG, and  
> WHATWG. (Also the public ARIA discussion channel I believe.) If you have  
> any objections to this please say so before the weekend.
> If people find it more appropriate to decide this using a survey that  
> would be fine with me as well, but since I don't expect opposition that  
> seems like quite a bit of overhead.
> Kind regards,

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