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> On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 11:08 AM, Arve Bersvendsen <>  
> wrote:
>> The security policy proposed by Opera (and mostly implemented already)
>> allows you to XHR any content stored within the package archive itself,  
>> just
>> as it would allow you to include the contents of a package through  
>> <script
>> src>, <img src> et al.
> I guess I've failed to explain myself. (Please keep in mind that this
> is a comment on the meta requirements spec. I haven't had time to
> review much else, although I do want to.)
> As long as the code actively uses XHR (or something else) to retrieve
> data, I have no objection.
> What I don't want is something where a property (of the settings
> object!) is automatically resolved to the result of its pointer
> location.
> If a property "icon" has value "", then
> i would want retrieval of "icon" to yield
> "" and not the _data_ that is at the
> location <>.

In some way, a specification of, for instance, a widget icon, will  
reference the icon by URI, not by means of the raw data stored within the  
image.  However, specifically for icons, we might end with some level of  
indirection to the URL, to accomodate for icon changes that might occur as  
a result of external actions, such as a user changing his system  
preference to list large icons instead of small icons.
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