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Hi, Sunava-

Sunava Dutta wrote (on 6/19/08 10:47 PM):
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>> From: Jonas Sicking []
>> I do agree we have debate, I don't agree we have agreement on that
>> throwing an exception is the right thing to do.
>> The argument for returning null is that it makes for a cleaner API,
>> exceptions should only be thrown in exceptional circumstances. And
>> based
>> on available data it doesn't seem like sites currently care one way or
>> another, so I think we should go for the cleaner API.
>> What is the argument for throwing an exception?
> [Sunava Dutta] I can't believe you asked that question after all 
> the discussions that just happened on that with Ian, Zhenbin and you. 
> With all due respect, is this an 'engage and lock' until someone gets 
> frustrated and quits strategy or is there something outside of technical 
> arguments that Mozilla is concerned about? -:)

I don't think that's a productive or adequate reply to what is a simple 
question (and it doesn't help the tone here).

Jonas (who is, in my experience, a problem-solver, not a drama diva) has 
clearly stated the position for returning null (regardless of the merits 
of that position).

The most straightforward reply would be to simply state (or restate, if 
it's been stated) the counter-argument, and for the WG to meet to decide 
on it, via telcon or F2F.  Email is not the best place for persistent 
atomic pros and cons, so I suggest that you either outline the opposing 
arguments in Tracker, or on the wiki:

That way we can look at the arguments dispassionately, side by side, and 
decide on the merits.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, WebApps, SVG, and CDF

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