Re: [Widgets] Requirements LC

On 6/18/08, Marcos Caceres <> wrote:
>  R28. Network State Change Events
>  A conforming specification must specify a means that allows authors to
>  check if the widget resource is connected to Web. A conforming

_the_ Web

However would you please explain what it means?

I've I have an iPod Touch and it's connected to a WiFi access point
which asks me to sign in, and doesn't let me go anywhere until i do
(but resolves all DNS entries to IP addresses which it answers with
the same annoying page), am I connected to /the/ Web?

>  specification must also specify a mans by which connection and

a /means/

>  disconnection events can be captured by an author through script.

>  Motivation:
>  Current development practice or industry best-practices, ease of use.
>  Rational:

Rationale ?

>  To allow authors to programmatically capture when a the widget user

my spell checker doesn't approve of "programmatically", but I'll deal
w/ it later.

"a the" is wrong.

>  agent has got or lost a connection to the Web.

don't use "got"

>  R30. Device Specific APIs and Services
>  A conforming specification should specify a mechanism, either through
>  an API or through the configuration document, that allows instantiated
>  widgets to bind to third-party APIs that allow access to

that => which

>  device-specific resources and services. A conforming specification is
>  not required to specify any APIs to device specific resources or
>  services, but shouldprovide some means of binding to those APIs if

should _ _ provide

>  they are available.

>  R35. Configuration Document Data
>  A conforming specification SHOULD specify a means that allows authors
>  to access any relevant data they declared in the configuration
>  document for the widget resource.

i don't understand this, and for privacy reasons, I'm fairly certain i
disagree with it as written.

>  To allow author to open a URL in the default system web browser. For
>  example, in an news aggregator widget, to allow the end user to

in /a/ news

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