Re: Issues and Actions

Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Doug, All,
> On Jun 17, 2008, at 12:21 AM, ext Doug Schepers wrote:
>> In general, I think using the tracker can be more effective at dealing 
>> with issues than merely using email or notations in the spec, for a 
>> number of reasons:
> Yes, I agree there are some benefits for more fine-grained Issues.
> One concern I have is the meta issues with Issues i.e. the overhead of 
> managing the Issues. For example, it would be unfortunate if we ended-up 
> spending more time discussing things like "is this an issue or not" 
> instead of discussing/debating the technical specifics.

Yes, that is something i'd be concerned about too. Microsofts feedback 
contained much more than technical issues regarding the Access-Control 
spec so in order to create issues based on that someone would need to go 
through and actually try to understand the issues and pick out the meaty 

Having issues like "AC needs to be secure by design" wouldn't be useful. 
(not saying anyone would create issues like that)

/ Jonas

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