Re: [NOT] Microsoft's feedback on XHR2

On 6/16/08, Chris Wilson <> wrote:
>  No.
>  I understand why you might like to edit our feedback, Ian, but your edit does not, in fact, represent Microsoft's feedback on cross-domain.  What you call "redacting background material" I call "removing principles such that remaining points might seem unprincipled."  The members of the WG (and the public) are welcome to draw their own conclusions from our statements; I am NOT willing to have you be the one who draws their conclusions for them.
>  As every email software package I'm aware of can handle HTML and text, and most of them can do an automatic translation between the two of them, I'll ask you again to not editorialize on Microsoft's motives or actions for the group.  Particularly when you are redacting the very principles at issue.

Could you please provide a text/plain *only* message of the feedback
in full for good measure?



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