Re: Improving Communication and Expectations (was: Seeking earlier feedback from MS [Was: IE Team's Proposal for Cross Site Requests])


Le 16 juin 2008 à 17:09, Maciej Stachowiak a écrit :
> I will add that in my experience with API development in a  
> commercial setting, we would never think to make API decisions by  
> phone, or even via an in-person meeting.

and this

> Every API addition has at least a week of email discussion before it  
> can become final, with additional in-person meetings if needed for  
> complex topics.

are basically the same. Just a bit more iteration.

>  No software project works this way, and a standards project  
> shouldn't either.

The only way to achieve it are tests and code.

A way to *really* have "Web standards deserve to be treated with at  
least the same degree of seriousness." would be to not accept any  
features be put in the specification without having published test  
cases AND code.

Karl Dubost - W3C
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