Re: [XHR] SVG WG LC comments

>>> In the send() algorithm:
>>>  │ ↪ data is a Document
>>>  │
>>>  │     Let data be data.innerHTML as defined by section 2.5 of HTML 5.
>>>  │     Encode it using data.inputEncoding or UTF-8 if
>>>  │     data.inputEncoding is null. Re-raise any exceptions the
>>>  │     data.innerHTML getter algorithm raises. [HTML5]
>>> The innerHTML getter algorithm requires that an explicit xmlns=""
>>> attribute is present for elements in no namespace, instead of relying on
>>> the fact that if there is no xmlns= attribute one of the
>>> ancestor-or-self::* elements that it defaults to being in no namespace.
>>> This means, for example, that the following:
>>>  var doc = document.implementation.createDocument(null, "test", null);
>>>  var r = new XMLHttpRequest();
>>>  r.send(doc);
>>> would send the string '<test xmlns=""/>' (or something equivalent, but
>>> the xmlns="" would have to be in there).  Do (m)any existing XHR
>>> implementations serialise the document in this way?  Is there any
>>> benefit from requiring this?  The rest of the innerHTML getter algorithm
>>> looks fine (where it deals with unserialisable nodes).
>> This seems like a comment that should be directed at the HTML WG:
> No, it’s specifically a comment about XHR.  For HTML this behaviour
> makes sense, because people want to do
>   x.innerHTML = y.innerHTML;
> and have the serialisation returned by innerHTML not dependent on
> context for namespace declarations.  This isn’t an issue for XHR, and
> since existing UAs don’t do this (Opera 9.5, a nightly WebKit, Firefox
> 3rc1, but untested in IE since I dunno how to create an XML document
> without using document.implementation.createDocument()), it seems to be
> needlessly incompatible.  Perhaps XHR can say that that requirement of
> the innerHTML serialisation algorithm (explicit xmlns="") need not be
> followed.

I wonder if this can be fixed in the HTML5 spec to say that when 
serializing a whole document, no xmlns="" attribute needs to be inserted.

/ Jonas

Received on Friday, 13 June 2008 00:17:15 UTC