Re: Need PDF of MS' input [Was Re: Seeking earlier feedback from MS]

Dear all, 

I've looked at the click-through license of the Microsoft Public 
License. The license has some viral effects and if the specification 
you are producing here will re-use parts of Microsoft's document, we 
may end up in a situation where the Recommendation would also have to 
carry the MS-Public license because of the click-through. 

I would rather like to avoid such a confusing situation. So if this 
document is not only for reading, I would kindly ask Microsoft to 
provide the document either in member space or in public space as a 
contribution within the framework of the work of this group. This 
would allow all to work in the context they expect. The contribution 
can be done by sending the document to the mailing-list or adding it 
to the wiki with a comment that it is designated to be input and 
contribution to the WebAPI work.

Would that be feasible? I think that was what Art requested in the 
message cited below.


Rigo Wenning
W3C Staff counsel

Art Barstow wrote:
> Sunava - as requested by several members of the WG, please send a 
> version of this document directly to the public-webapps mail list.
> -Thanks, Art Barstow

Received on Thursday, 12 June 2008 21:06:38 UTC