Re: Safe copy and paste with scripts

Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> But we are talking about web-application, right ?

What's the difference between a web-application and a web-page? As in, 
what's the technical difference.

> At least presuming the provider of such an application is sane and 
> somewhat trusted of value, it would replace the copy capability only 
> when it makes sense and with something that makes sense.

I long ago stopped relying on authors to do the right thing. Give them 
the right tools and they'll shoot both their users and themselves in the 

Case in point: A lot of authors use fontsizes like '13pt' and '20px' 
rather then 'medium' and 'large', because the latter lets the user scale 
the font in IE. And many authors do not want this because they want the 
page to have the exact font size they designed for.

The fact that the user is having a hard time reading the text due to 
impaired vision or bad monitor seems secondary.

I'm not making this up.

> The same would be true for change of selection btw... it only makes 
> sense to impact it when it makes sense.

Makes sense for who? The user or the author? The two aren't always the 
same and the author will do what makes sense for the author.

/ Jonas

Received on Tuesday, 28 February 2006 21:10:10 UTC