Re: Safe copy and paste with scripts


I cannot shoot on your points... they are all valid.
But it all boils down to the question of a feasibility of such copy and 
such selection.
If it is wanted, the users should be "ready to face such a frustration" 
but then also be happy sometimes, hopefully.

I see otherwise no other way to provide copy-and-paste and this will 
probably stimulate browsers to make some protections (such as "copy 
underlying html").


Jonas Sicking wrote:
>> The same would be true for change of selection btw... it only makes 
>> sense to impact it when it makes sense.
> Makes sense for who? The user or the author? The two aren't always the 
> same and the author will do what makes sense for the author.
> / Jonas

Received on Tuesday, 28 February 2006 21:16:25 UTC