Re: ISSUE-30: mousewheel event

Jim Ley wrote:
> "Matthew Raymond" <>
>>   I'm thinking that the best name would be "mousescroll". That said,
>> using "mousewheel" or "DOMMouseScroll" would allow for faster adoption.
>> Much as I don't like IE, I'd admit that "mousewheel" is the easier of
>> the two to remember.
> MouseScroll is a bad name too, for mice with multiple scrollwheels, not all 
> of them generally scroll, nor is there always an inherent relationship 
> between wheels and scrolling, just a common one.

   If the wheel doesn't scroll, why would you want it to trigger the
event in the first place??? For instance, I have a button on the side of
my mouse that's mapped by the mouse settings to the "middle button". My
mouse doesn't actually have a middle button, because I have a scroll
wheel there instead (although, technically that could be used as a
button as well). However, if I wanted that side button to do something
else, I could just change my mouse settings. I could configure any of my
mouse buttons to do anything from "Undo" to "Explore My Computer". This
is an input device configuration issue, not a browser issue. If I
configure my mouse wheel to be an "Undo" button, it should trigger a
"mousewheel"-type event in the first place.

> A less device specific 
> name would lose the mouse not the wheel, so something like jogwheel I guess, 
> but such a name would be silly

   That doesn't really make sense. The prefix "mouse" is commonly used
for events involving a pointing device, and the event in question occurs
to the element under the pointer device, so it's clear that the first
half of this event should be "mouse".

   As for "wheel" versus "scroll", I think "scroll" is more
device-independent, but I don't really care enough to argue about it...

> Like Ian and Maciej, I say mousewheel is the only logical option right now.

   Yeah, it shouldn't be much trouble to have Mozilla use "mousewheel".
There's already a bug for it:

   We still need to reconcile the event property names and scale. IE
uses "wheelDelta", while Mozilla uses "detail", plus the values returned
by the two are something like this:

   IEEvent.wheelDelta = MozEvent.detail * -40

   So I guess there are still some technical matters to debate.

Received on Sunday, 26 February 2006 05:55:56 UTC