Working Group members

Hello folks,

Following Maciej release of the Window specification draft [1], I 
decided to check who was a member of this WG and I didn't find any 
resource listing people and companies subscribing to this effort.

After looking at the mailing-list, I found the very first message of 
this list asking the same question. Robin Berjon kindly explained [2] we 
had to wait a few weeks before getting the final list of active 
contributors. Therefore, I would like to request again such a list so 
that we know who is backing that effort.

I am asking that list because I would like to know whether major players 
(ie people from the Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, etc. 
teams) support the work being done by this group in order to know if 
this has a chance to be more than just a specification. I mean, is there 
a strong will by everybody attending the WG to actually implement those 
features? This question might sound naive but I guess I'd rather know 
now whether there is any point to follow the specification or not :)

I hope I do not offend anyone as it is not the goal. I'm really 
interested in the work done by this group but I want to check if its 
grounds are solid.

- Sylvain


Received on Monday, 20 February 2006 17:37:27 UTC