[DOM3 Events]: Current UA extensions to the Event interface

I thought it would be useful to find what nonstandard extensions  
various UAs make to DOM Level 3 Events interfaces, to see if any of  
them are worth adding

For starters, here's the Event interface:

Internet Explorer:

The Event object is documented as having a huge number of extra  
properties: http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/ 

It's hard to tell which of these are supposed to apply to all events  
and which only to specific event types, since the documentation does  
not draw the distinction.


- none that I could find in the IDL


- in the source I found the following:

srcElement - clone of the nonstandard IE extension srcElement, an  
alias for target
returnValue - clone of the nonstandard IE extension returnValue, this  
is a read-write property that lets you get and set whether default is  
prevented. This lets you un-prevent default, something not allowed in  
the standard DOM event model.
cancelBubble - similar to returnValue, but for stopPropagation
dataTransfer - this appears to be applicable only to drag & drop  
events, probably a mistake that it is in the Event interface
clipboardData - similarly, but for clipboard events

I don't think I would recommend any of the Safari extensions for  

I could not find the corresponding info for Opera.

I'll try to do the same research for other event interfaces over time.


Received on Sunday, 12 February 2006 02:28:17 UTC